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Nordic Virtual Pastures

Enabling change through natures own ingredients

Low-Cost Cell Growth

Enabling high-growth markets with our low-cost, sustainable cell growth media.

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Cultivated Meat.

For the application area, cultivated meat industry, our solution will reduce the cost and environmental impact.

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For a better future, we aim to enable the following UN World Goals
by valorizing biomass-waste streams 

UN world goal 2
UN world goal 3
UN world goal 12
UN world goal 13

Who are we?

Check out who we are and get a feel for our vision in our new brand video.


What we do.

Solving a key cost-pain of high volume cell growth.

Purifying biomass waste-streams from the industry to extract nutrients in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Tailored and adapted to promote growth of various cells in large-scale bioreactor environments, greatly reducing production price of e.g., cultivated meat and antibody production.

Our Process at a Glance.

At NVP we use a novel process to create high-value products from low-value industry waste streams.

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Biomass sourcing and crude extraction
Extracting valuable nutrients from biomass
waste streams to create a crude metabolite mix.
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Customization and optimization
Application specific tailoring to create highly optimized growth media for ultimate cost reduction.
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Rebalancing to 
functioning cell media
Low-cost, sustainable growth media for high volume cell growth environments.
Corn Field
NVP primary logo


For more information about Nordic Virtual Pastures, please reach out.

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  • LinkedIn

Jan Dideriksen

Extensive experience in planning, creating and running highly efficient laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry. Proven Knowledge & experience in establishing and managing the operations within controlled & regulated environments (Novo Nordisk A/S, Xellia A/S). In-depth experience with regulatory requirements, inspections, filings & new product launches from the Pharma industry.

  • LinkedIn

Thor S. Thorsen

Extensive experience within project planning and management, cell biology and protocol development from industry and startups (Novo Nordisk A/S, Ebumab Aps) as well as world leading academic laboratories abroad (Stanford Univ., SIMM Shanghai). Proven track record within application and IP writing.

Solange Mussatto Grey.png
  • LinkedIn

Prof. Solange I. Musatto

Professor, head of BCBT Group at DTU. Extensive experience in Biomass conversion and Bioprocess technology. Research focused on innovative, environmentally friendly solutions able to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

Nasya Rasmussen Grey.png
BD & Communications Officer
  • LinkedIn

Nasya Rasmussen

Master of Science in biomedicine from Copenhagen University. Experience in planning, and execution of, cell culture projects.

Aslak Heuser_edited.jpg
Senior Business Developer
  • LinkedIn

Aslak Heuser

Experienced within biomass utilization and valorization, project management and strategic business development from academia and start-up (AAU & Myco4Food ApS) within the FoodAg space.

Pilar Aarøe Andersen_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Pilar Aarøe Andersen

Master of Science in Human Biology from the University of Copenhagen. Experience in experimental design and execution of projects involving both basic- and translational research.

Jonas Garbrecht_edited.jpg
Cell Scientist 
  • LinkedIn

Jonac Bach Garbrecht 

Master of Science in Biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen. Experience in planning, and execution of cell culture projects - with focus on high-throughput screening using AI-based analysis.

IT Assosiate 
  • LinkedIn

Oskar Karlsson

High school biotech graduate from Falkonergården. Primarily doing administrative tasks, cyber security monitoring and social media.

Rikke Kjer Hansen_edited.jpg
Laboratory Assistant 
  • LinkedIn

Rikke Kjer Hansen

MSc. Stud. in Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Copenhagen. Assisting with the cell culture experiments and literature research.

Victor Rossing_edited.jpg
Junior business developer
  • LinkedIn

Victor Rossing

BSc. stud in Biotechnology, and as part of Nordic Virtual Pastures, Victor will contribute to the direction of business and strategy implementation of our growing firm, i.a. stakeholder communication.

Administrative Assistant 
  • LinkedIn

Sofie Schiøler

High school biotech graduate from Falkonergården. Sofie primarily does graphic design eg. logos, templates, and general CVI, but also administrative tasks and social media.

Our investors

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