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Nordic Virtual Pastures Receives funding from Food & Bio Cluster

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

As a step in the direction of enabling the cultivated meat industry and making the process more cost worthy and sustainable Nordic Virtual Pastures is now supported by the Food & Bio Cluster Power Innovation Programme.

Grain in a hand

In the project that will be started in late summer 2023, we look forward to being able to present a prototype of the new cell medium specifically for cattle cells within a year. The ambition is to further develop the medium for other types of meat such as poultry and fish in the long term.

As it is stated in their article on the news, a quote from Kathrine Lykke Kirk Innovation Manager, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark: "With the development of a new and more affordable cell medium, DTU and Nordic Virtual Pastures both reuse an existing residual product, and thus help to make better use of the earth's resources, just as they also contribute concretely to the development of cultured meat".

We are very excited for the support and collaboration with DTU. Click the picture above to read the full article on what this will benefit and why NVP was chosen.

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